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Q&A With Curi’s Director of Business Development in the Southwest Region 

Patrick Flanagan talks about how his experience has prepared him to bring Curi’s offerings and insurance solutions to physicians nationwide.  

Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Outpatient Setting: Strategies to Prevent and Address Patient Injury at Medical Offices

By understanding the risks associated with patient falls and identifying prevention strategies, practice leaders can protect patients from unnecessary injury and protect the practice against undue liability. 

Parting Ways: Curi’s Guide to Patient Termination

Understanding how and when to discontinue doctor-patient relationships while limiting malpractice liability.

Hospital, PE, or Me? How to Expand Your Practice’s Referral Network to Maintain Independence

By establishing tangible goals and forging durable relationships with other independent physicians, practices can expand their businesses while working together to provide high-quality care for patients. 

Claims Case Study: The Importance of Documenting Specialty Consult Request Follow-Up

Details on how two hospitalists avoided undue liability following a patient’s death by maintaining adequate records of specialty consultation requests.

Webinar: “It Is Time to Measure What (Actually) Matters: Drivers of Health & Health Equity”

Curi webinar explores interplay between healthcare resource inequities and how physicians can help drive policy changes to improve patient health.

Is Your Data Safe? How to Assess Your EMR Vendor’s Cybersecurity

The nine questions you need to ask when choosing how to store your critical healthcare data.

The Doctor Is Out: Key Risk Considerations With Physicians Working Remotely

Suggestions for reducing vulnerability to malpractice liability when hiring physicians located in different states or working from remote locations.

Change and Transition: Guiding Your Employees Through the Journey

Our on-call human resources consultant provides information on how to help employees navigate change through effective education, cooperation, and communication.

Webinar: “How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of Biases in Medicine”

Curi webinar explores the ways that racial inequities have influenced the modern healthcare system.

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