Welcome to HEAL

We are creating a better way forward after an unexpected outcome—a way that can preserve relationships, promote communication, and ultimately improve everyone’s experience. HEAL, our early intervention program, promotes early reporting and is dedicated to acting promptly after an unexpected event, then helps the organization apply the learnings to mitigate future events.


Reporting incidents early benefits all. We encourage you to report unexpected events early. This approach tends to ease stress for impacted healthcare professionals, and the life cycle of a medical malpractice case—how long it remains open and unresolved—may be shortened when the incident is reported promptly. Early reporting also allows our risk and claim consultants to help your organization through HEAL’s core services:

Benefit: Provider wellbeing

Clinician peer support

Clinicians involved in an unanticipated outcome frequently struggle with reduced confidence, feelings of shame, distracted thoughts, and emotions that can interfere with their productivity and ability to continue providing safe, high-quality care to their patients and senior living residents. Our Clinician Peer Support Program links them to skilled peers who can help them navigate these emotions, maintain their perspective, and stay connected with their passion for health care.

Benefit: Improved processes

Risk consultation

Our risk consultants have decades of experience as hands-on nurses, malpractice defense lawyers, and health system risk managers. With their expertise, we have proactively curated solutions to help you protect and optimize your organization. Our comprehensive suite of tools and resources are designed to help you improve patient safety and reduce risk.

Benefit: Strengthened relationships

Communication assistance

Research shows that communicating openly and compassionately after an unexpected event occurs may reduce the likelihood of lawsuits. We’ll guide your team through communication challenges in ways that help move everyone toward healing and resolution.

Benefit: Accelerated insights

Expert case review

We partner with medical experts to conduct a thorough case review, when necessary. This review allows us to evaluate the care provided to alleviate clinician stress and provide next-step guidance if there are concerns. Options at this early stage could include an offer of resolution before the situation progresses to a lawsuit.

HEAL: A better way forward, together.

To learn more about our early intervention program and philosophy, contact your Curi claims consultant directly. For easy reporting of an unexpected outcome, claim, or lawsuit, complete our online form for a quick response.