Your personal and professional growth is our only focus. Our leadership team was created to over deliver on our commitment to you.

To give doctors the best in medicine, business and life, our Board is comprised of the nation’s best doctors who understand the daily struggles of practicing.

To help you get the most of life, our Management team features industry leaders who can positively impact all aspects of yours.

From top down, in all areas of the company, we are proud to offer you our best.

Thomas H. McCoy, MD
Chairman and President
Orthopaedic Surgery
Member owner since 1986

Robert E. Schaaf, MD
Vice Chairman/First Vice President
Member owner since 1996

A. Dale Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Mutual

Martha Chesnutt, MD
Internal Medicine
Member owner since 2003

E. Hunter Dyer, MD
Member owner since 1998

Michael P. Moulton, MD
Emergency Medicine
Member owner since 2003

Rachel H. Ross, MD
Member owner since 2000

Scott Shapiro, MD
Member owner since 2006

Chris M. Teigland, MD
Member owner since 2000

Dale Jenkins
Chief Executive Officer

David Sousa
Chief Operating Officer
& General Counsel

Jason Sandner
Chief Financial Officer

Tony Vance
Chief Commercial Officer