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  • members come first
  • our heroes wear white coats
  • trust is an invaluable asset
  • doctors are held to unsustainable standards
  • the pursuit of excellence is in the journey, not the destination
  • doctors are passionate about medicine
  • in being light in times of darkness
  • there’s a time for saving lives and a time for living life
  • low points can lead to high fives
  • in expertise without ego
  • the road less traveled is better with friends
  • in running to the fight
  • superheroes need saving too

Curi—a Medical Mutual Co.

We were founded on a promise: that when doctors needed help, we would answer the call. Curi is a new kind of company, built on that promise to support physicians and their families today.

Live curious

Curi supports physicians and administrators in medicine, business, and life.


Work smarter, not harder

Curi Practice Services helps your practice run efficiently with invaluable resources and guidance.

Curi Practice Services

Build true wealth

Let Curi Capital help elevate your financial destiny so you can do what you want, when you want.

Curi Capital