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Employee pondering retirement

Balancing Choice Overload for Your Company’s Retirement Plan

The importance of offering your employees an optimal number of retirement plan investment options.

Employee retirement plan onboarding

Four Ways to Increase Employee Retirement Contributions

Research shows that retirement plan sponsors can help improve employee participation and saving rates with a few relatively simple strategies.

child getting vaccinated in doctor's office

Handling Immunization Refusal in the Anti-Vaccination Era

Physicians should use a combination of education and documentation to both encourage healthy immunization practices and protect themselves against claims.

How to Get Your Best Employees to Stick Around

Key ways to engage practice staff and retain top performers.

EHR proposed rules business man woman phone laptop on desk

What You Need to Know About Proposed Federal EHR Rules

New rules may make it easier for patients and providers to access and share health information.

Female physician stethoscope child wellness

Shifting the Clinician Mindset Toward Emotional Well-Being

A renewed focus on physicians’ emotional health can enhance their personal lives as well as their ability to deliver quality medical care.

employees talking HR approaching staff with conflict management

How to Approach Difficult Conversations with Practice Staff

Four key ways to create a climate of mutual respect when dealing with employee conduct.

end of life care, elderly patient and nurse

Avoiding Misunderstandings With Advanced Medical Directives

How can you ensure patients and their loved ones understand end-of-life care decisions before an adverse event occurs?

medicare payments

Open Payments Review Period Begins April 1

Beginning April 1, medical practices will have 45 days to review and dispute Medicare records of 2018 payments on the federal Open Payments database.

doctor works on a tablet

Perspectives on New HHS Cybersecurity Guidance

The healthcare industry is a prime target for hackers and cyber attacks. HHS offers guidance on data security for practices across the country.

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