Letter From The CEO

Wrapping Up 2021

Jason Sandner wraps up the year with a look at 2021’s final Curator.

Dear member,

The final 2021 issue of The Curator, Curi’s member newsletter, comes at the end of our profession’s second year facing a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen before. There are tremendous challenges, to be sure, but also opportunities for hope—as you’ll see when you read on.

Our cover story tackles the issue of medical mistrust. That’s a trend that has always existed, but while it used to be mostly beneath the surface, the COVID-19 crisis has allowed it to come out in the open and spread much more rapidly than it ever did before. This mistrust has implications for your work as physicians, both in patient interactions and even with juries in malpractice trials. But it also allows us to see more clearly the ways that deeper patient engagement can build bonds of trust that can help reduce the scale of the problem.

Among other topics, this issue also shares advice from our Curi Capital team on how to avoid the “noise” in the market and focus your investment strategy on what’s most important, introduces you to Curi Insurance’s Member Services contact in the Mid-Atlantic, and explains how Curi Advisory can help your practice grow and thrive. I hope you’ll take a look and let me know if you find this information valuable.

We at Curi know just how hard these last couple of years have been for you. Please accept my best wishes for a restful holiday season surrounded by those you love. I’m looking forward to working with you in the new year, and for many years to come.


Jason Sandner
Chief Executive Officer
Curi Advisory—Risk Solutions

Fall 2021

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