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Curi’s new business unit for helping your practice’s operations.

Curi officially launched our newest business unit in October. Curi Advisory is dedicated to helping independent physician practice leaders protect, optimize, and grow their businesses—and builds on our promise to help you in medicine, business, and life.Curi Advisory offers a proprietary business intelligence platform and data-driven consulting services that work to pinpoint practices’ specific needs and identify opportunities to help these businesses thrive. At launch, Curi Advisory’s core offerings include the Arrowlytics technology platform and a host of practice operations, risk solutions, and health policy consulting services.


The Arrowlytics platform is built to help practices drive new patient volume, increase margin per patient, and optimize overall practice performance through online reputation management and key performance indicator tools. The technology solution pulls critical data from disparate sources, including various practice management systems and social media, into a single platform—giving practice leaders total business insight.

Consulting Services

Curi Advisory’s consulting services will be delivered by a team with deep practice and risk management expertise. The offerings will help practice leaders protect, optimize, and grow their businesses with confidence. In addition, the new business will create opportunities for physicians, practice leaders, and staff to continue learning about key developments and trends affecting the healthcare industry.

To learn more about Curi Advisory and the services we offer to help your practice run effectively and efficiently, visit

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