Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel Toolkit: New Jersey

Unlicensed healthcare personnel can perform a variety of functions in the medical office setting. It is important to be aware of state-specific considerations, which are discussed below. For additional information and resources, please refer to Curi’s Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel Toolkit. What are the TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS? Neither certification nor post-secondary education is required for unlicensed healthcare personnel (UHP) in New Jersey.    The minimum educational and training requirement for a medical assistant to practice is that they have a high school degree or GED and have received training from a medical practice.  However, only a certified medical assistant (CMA), who has completed 10 hours of training and has satisfactorily performed 10 intramuscular injections, 10 subcutaneous injections, and 10 intradermal injections, may perform injections.  Additionally, phlebotomy may only be delegated to a CMA, who has received 10 hours of training in venip...
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