Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel Toolkit: Pennsylvania

Unlicensed healthcare personnel can perform a variety of functions in a medical office setting. It is important to be aware of state specific considerations, which are discussed below. For additional information and resources, please refer to Curi’s Unlicensed Healthcare Personnel Toolkit. WHAT ARE THE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS? Neither certification nor post-secondary education is required for unlicensed healthcare personnel (UHP) in Pennsylvania.  The minimum educational and training requirement for a medical assistant to practice is a high school degree or GED and training from a medical practice. A medical assistant, certified medical assistant and registered medical assistant may all perform the same functions. There is no certification or training required for phlebotomy in this state. Per the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, UHP may not perform x-rays. WHAT TASKS CAN BE DELEGATED AND WHAT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED? When considering the tasks tha...
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