Medication Management

When medical offices employ unlicensed healthcare personnel (UHP), questions about medication management inevitably arise. Curi Risk Solutions routinely fields questions such as: “What kinds of medication can a medical assistant administer?” “Can they give injections?” “What about sample medication?” The UHP must practice within their scope as defined by practice policy and/or federal and state laws. Please refer to Curi’s state-specific UHP toolkit attachments for additional information. CAN UNLICENSED HEALTHCARE PERSONNEL ADMINISTER MEDICATION IN THE MEDICAL PRACTICE? Yes, unlicensed assistants can administer some medications in the medical office if there is no state law or practice policy prohibiting this action and they are properly qualified to perform this task safely. The Six Rights of Medication Administration If UHP administer medications, review “The Six Rights of Medication Administration” and stress the importance of providing these rights to all p...
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