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About Face: Q2 2019 Market Commentary

Many investors have been caught off-guard by the surprisingly strong performance in Q2, especially following last year’s tumultuous fourth quarter.

Radiology Claims Case Study: Failure to Communicate Test Findings

Details on a radiologist’s failure to effectively communicate his interpretation of findings and guidance for how to avoid a similar outcome.

What Congress’ Potential “Surprise Billing” Legislation Could Mean for Physician Practices

Federal legislation may change how practices handle out-of-network billing.

Prioritizing Physician Health for Personal and Professional Success

Physical health is an essential component to combating physician burnout, and it can have a significant positive effect on mental and emotional wellness.

Three Ways to Mitigate Liability Risks With In-House Medical Spas

Physicians and practice leaders need to understand how to mitigate common risks associated with medical spa services.

What Practice Leaders Need to Know About Target-Date Funds

Retirement plan sponsors need to be aware of their plan’s target-date series and what’s most appropriate for their staff.

Six Ways the SECURE Act Could Affect Your Practice Retirement Plan and Staff

An overview of proposed provisions in the Act approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Employee pondering retirement

Balancing Choice Overload for Your Company’s Retirement Plan

The importance of offering your employees an optimal number of retirement plan investment options.

Employee retirement plan onboarding

Four Ways to Increase Employee Retirement Contributions

Research shows that retirement plan sponsors can help improve employee participation and saving rates with a few relatively simple strategies.

child getting vaccinated in doctor's office

Handling Immunization Refusal in the Anti-Vaccination Era

Physicians should use a combination of education and documentation to both encourage healthy immunization practices and protect themselves against claims.

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