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Avoiding Lawsuits & Related Pediatric Case Studies

Join Jason Newton (General Counsel, Curi) and Elizabeth McCullough as they provide an overview of current malpractice trends (i.e., economic conditions, courtroom challenges, claims management, and changes in the healthcare industry) that lead to severity trends. They will also discuss how to identify risk factors and implement risk mitigation methods. This activity will incorporate tangible case scenarios.

Curi’s risk mitigation resources and guidance are offered for educational and informational purposes only. This information is not medical or legal advice, does not replace independent professional judgment, does not constitute an endorsement of any kind, should not be deemed authoritative, and does not establish a standard of care in clinical settings or in courts of law. If you need legal advice, you should consult your independent/corporate counsel. We have found that using risk mitigation efforts can reduce malpractice risk; however, we do not make any guarantees that following these risk recommendations will prevent a complaint, claim, or suit from occurring, or mitigate the outcome(s) associated with any of them.