Delaware Handbook: Informed Consent

MUST THE PATIENT SIGN A CONSENT FORM FOR EVERY PROCEDURE? There is nothing specific in Delaware law that requires informed consent to be written. However, it is a “best practice” to obtain written consent. In general, the more invasive the treatment, the more necessary documented consent is. As a guideline, a signed consent form should be obtained when the treatment involves risks that are frequently-occurring and/or severe. For example, it is more important to obtain signed consent for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy than for a suture removal. Curi has a number of procedure-specific consent forms available for your practice. Call the Risk Management department or check our website for the latest offerings. It is important to note that “informed consent” is not simply the act of having a patient sign a form. It is a process of communication. By law, you are required to educate your patients about their treatments, even if you are not obtaining signed consent. Docum...
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