Webinar: Ask the Experts: Exploring HR Solutions for Today’s Practice

By: Curi Editorial Team
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In August 2023, Curi Advisory hosted a webinar panel titled, Ask the Experts: Exploring HR Solutions for Today’s Practice.”

From recruiting and training, to staffing shortages and unknowns around leaves of absence, physician practices are facing a number of HR challenges right now. This session explored these areas and more, and discussed opportunities for practice leaders to engage with Curi Advisory and Catapult (Curi Advisory’s external HR partner) if they need HR support. The Q&A-style event was moderated by Curi Advisory’s CEO, Steve DeBiasi, with additional HR expertise provided by panelists Tracey Cumberland, Curi Advisory’s lead HR consultant and healthcare industry veteran, and Linda Hunter, HR advisor with Catapult.

A recording of the webinar is embedded below.

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Curi Editorial Team

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