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Q&A With Curi Advisory’s CEO

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One year ago, Curi announced the appointment of Steve DeBiasi as Chief Executive Officer of our then recently-launched practice advisory business, Curi Advisory. Since entering this role, Steve has led a team of high-caliber experts to help independent physician practice leaders protect, optimize, and grow their businesses. We recently sat down with Steve to discuss what his experience has been like over the past year and learn a bit more about his life, career, and goals for the future.


Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself:

A: I grew up in Richmond Virginia as the son of a Dentist and Dental hygienist, so I was introduced to the ins and outs of practice management from a young age. Being involved in the family dental practice also meant developing a pretty thick skin. People tend to at best, tolerate, and at worst, fear dentists—and my parents didn’t make matters easier by giving out sugar-free gum or toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters. Many of our dinner conversations growing up centered around the business side of the practice, and I found it fascinating to learn about the unique marketing opportunities and patient experiences that were necessary to make the practice successful. I went on to receive my undergraduate degree in marketing and communications from Babson before earning my master’s in healthcare administration at the Medical College of Virginia. Following an administrative residency at Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital, I spent my entire career serving physician-owned medical practices prior to joining Curi last year. 

When I’m not busy with work, I enjoy raising two wonderful children, Harley (21) and Anna (19), alongside my wife, Elizabeth. Since our children reached adult age, my wife and I have been enjoying being empty nesters, a luxury we originally didn’t think would be possible. Harley has significant special needs, but he is now able to live with a full-time caregiver just 45 minutes away from us. His presence in our lives has been a blessing and raising him has meant strongly advocating for all people with disabilities. With the free time we now have, we enjoy traveling, practicing yoga, and spending as much time as possible at the beach. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Curi?

A: Having spent time on the Wilmington Community Advisory Board for ten years and working for a member practice for even longer (as well as having served as an NCMGMA board member), I feel like Curi has been in my blood for decades, providing me with numerous resources and expert guidance over the years. It’s been great to reconnect with a lot of people that I’ve worked with over the years in a new capacity while also gaining the opportunity to work closely alongside a whole new team of colleagues. Though it’s a very different role from running a medical practice, working at Curi feels natural, and I have a lot of respect for the company and the individuals who wake up every morning to help support our member practices.


Q: Tell us about your career to date and how it has prepared you for your role at Curi:

A: I have spent my entire career in physician-owned medical practices. In smaller practices, we tend to wear a lot of hats and need to be generalists, but as my career evolved, I enjoyed my role in larger, more complex organizations. Over time, I developed a strong interest in strategic planning and helping practices expand through mergers and acquisitions while simultaneously driving organic growth through intentional marketing efforts and customer service. Working at Curi, I now get to take that knowledge and experience to the next level. The unique services we offer through the Arrowlytics platform will help us enhance marketing efforts for practices.


Q: What do you see as the biggest priority in your role?

A: My biggest priority is to help physicians and their managers understand how we can help them protect, optimize, and grow their practices. Our tools and deep bench strength of consultants develop solutions specifically tailored to practice goals and objectives. Unlike many other vendors and consultants who might simply make recommendations, we are here to help walk groups through making the necessary improvements to generate revenue, growth, and patient satisfaction in a practical way. At Curi, it’s our goal to not just find solutions, but remain fully engaged as a long-term partner if the practice so desires. Physicians and practice administrators have enough on their plates already, and we have the ability to bring additional resources to the table to help them.  As a previous medical practice executive, I know how bringing in a consultant can shorten timelines or enhance operations. And sometimes we tell you what you might already know instinctively but need that extra push or confirmation to move forward.


Q: What makes you most excited about the future of Curi Advisory?

A: Curi Advisory exists for both current member practices, as well as practices who are not yet members of the Curi Insurance family. Currently, about half of Curi Advisory’s practice clients are not yet insured by Curi, so the future of Curi Advisory to me is reflected in how well practices who utilize our services are remaining economically viable, providing outstanding patient care and value, and continuing to thrive against some significant headwinds.  Well-run medical groups can also do wonders for helping physicians reduce the likelihood of burnout or high turnover of providers and staff. 

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