Curi Advisory’s Risk Solutions Team Launches Curi Academy for Practice Administrators

By: Donna Nicholson, MBA, BSN, RN, CPCO
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Risk management is an essential element of running a medical practice, but finding time to stay up to date on the latest approaches and strategies to protect your business can be challenging. Today, Curi Advisory’s Risk Solutions team is launching Curi Academy—a new modular tool, specifically designed to provide our member practice administrators and managers with educational content to help navigate risk issues and avoid potential complaints, claims, and lawsuits.

We’re kicking off Curi Academy with four foundational courses, developed based on common risk concerns that our member practices have shared with us in recent years. Additional courses will be released in the months ahead.

The four initial courses focus on:

  • Disruptive Patient Behavior—The Role of the Practice Manager
  • Managing and Addressing Burnout
  • Medical Record Management
  • Proactive Patient Experience and Service Recovery Strategies

Each course can be completed in approximately one hour and can also be started and stopped at your convenience. (We know practice leaders rarely know the challenges that await them in a particular hour of the day!). 

Curi Academy can be accessed by our member practices at: curi.com/curator/curi-academy/.

Our team also recently released a series of newly revamped online Risk Assessments. We now offer more than 13 total on-demand, evidence-based risk assessments, focused on identifying and addressing key risk areas in the medical office setting. Each module is topic-specific and takes an hour or less to complete. Subjects range from medical office operations to general compliance, and more.

Our Risk Solutions team is always here to advise and support you as issues arise in your business. We are proud to bring you these new risk-focused resources and hope they will be helpful in identifying and evaluating risk issues within your practice. Anytime you have questions or would like to learn more about resources like Curi Academy, please reach out to us at risk.oncall@curi.com or 1-800-662-7917.

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Donna Nicholson, MBA, BSN, RN, CPCO
Donna Nicholson is Curi Advisory's Managing Director of Risk Solutions based in Raleigh, NC.

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