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OB/GYN Claims Study: High Risk Diabetic Patient

Details on how physicians’ failure to properly coordinate and document patient care resulted in fetal death, and ways to avoid a similar outcome.

Sunnier Days Ahead: Q1 2021 Market Commentary

As we leave behind an unforgettable year and the shocking events on January 6, 2021, it’s time to look ahead at the promise of the new…

GI Claims Case Study:  Failure to Follow Up With Recommended Treatment

Details on how a physician’s failure to follow up with the recommended treatment plan for a patient resulted in their untimely death, and ways to avoid a similar situation.

Finding Joy: An Interview With Avance Care’s Chief Medical Officer, Joanne Fruth

Curi sat down with Dr. Fruth to discuss how her organization responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and where she finds joy during this difficult time.

Annual Retirement Plan Audit: 11 Common Concerns From an Auditor’s Perspective

Does your organization’s plan require an annual audit? Review the issues that may lead to litigation and regulatory breach exposure for retirement plan fiduciaries.

The 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Kickstart a Healthy Spending Plan

Learn how to build a sustainable and effective budget that focuses on your personal goals and lifestyle in the new year.

GI Claims Study:  Infection Control—Improper Reprocessing of Colonoscope 

Details on how a physician’s failure to properly clean and sterilize colonoscopy equipment resulted in a patient’s potential exposure to infection.

Reengaging Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By implementing a clear strategy to stay connected with patients, practices can more effectively provide care while protecting the future of their businesses.

COVID-19 “Collateral Damage” Claims and How to Avoid Them

As practice conditions continue to evolve during the pandemic, unchaperoned patients and changes in how providers interact with caregivers have contributed to increased incidents of falls and difficulty following treatment plans.

How Presidential Candidates’ Healthcare Proposals May Affect Your Practice

With early voting already in full swing, understanding the key differences between each candidates’ health policy proposals is important when making a decision that’s right for you, your patients, and your practice.

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