We are pleased to share that Curi Holdings, Inc. and Constellation, Inc. have officially completed our merger transaction, effective Oct. 1, 2023, and are in the process of forming one organization under the brand name Curi. We look forward to our continued growth and expansion, while maintaining steadfast support for you even as the healthcare industry continues to evolve.  

Additional information and resources can be found in the sections below. We encourage you to bookmark this page as we will continue to update the page with new information about our integration process, offerings, and more.  

  • After receiving approval from the Curi and Constellation Boards of Directors, all necessary regulatory bodies, and both the Curi and Constellation memberships, the merger closed on 9/29/23 with an effective date of 10/1/23. See our press release for additional details. 
  • We remain committed to our combined reputation for disciplined underwriting, proactive risk mitigation, defending good medicine, and providing stable and competitive premium rates.  
  • The resources and expertise of the combined company further advance our approach to supporting and protecting you. 
  • You will continue to work with the same people in our organization as you have in the past. If there are any contact changes, you will be informed.   
  • The insurance company subsidiaries of Curi and Constellation continue to operate under the consolidated mutual holding company, such that the policies held by their insureds will remain in force.   
  • The combined organization, operating under the name Curi, is domiciled in North Carolina with regional offices across the U.S.    
  • Jason Sandner of Curi remains CEO of Curi Holdings, Inc., the consolidated mutual holding company. Ryan Crawford of Constellation is CEO of the merged insurance business. Brad Diericx is Chief Commercial Officer of Curi Holdings, Inc.   

With the transaction now closed, we are continuing to work diligently to make thoughtful decisions that minimize disruption and maximize stability, and to provide you with timely updates along the way. While the full integration process is expected to take place over 3-4 years, our immediate focus is on: 

  • Building on our legacies of mutual ownership, client service, and innovation while creating a national brand that seamlessly delivers the products, services, and valued advice that our members need to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.   
  • Expanding our geographic footprint to be where our clients are. We’ve grown our teams with a focus on unwavering care and high-touch service. We’re optimizing technologies and processes to be even more nimble. And we’re adding to our portfolio of offerings, so we can handle wherever our clients’ business and life goals may go.  
  • A very bright future! Growth is the lifeblood of a healthy company. And a healthy company is in the best position to serve you and your clients. We are growing and investing in our company, our offerings, and our team to continue delivering on our ultimate vision: to be the trusted partner that broker partners, physicians, healthcare organizations, and their families call on to drive success in their professional and personal lives. We’re incredibly excited about our future and extremely thankful you are a part of it! 

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If you have an active Constellation policy, need to pay your Constellation insurance premium, or simply would like to learn more, visit https://constellationmutual.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this combined organization benefit me?  
The merged organization is furthering our mission-driven approach to supporting and protecting you and others across the U.S. Rest assured we will continue to be grounded in your priorities and elevated in your outcomes, with the combined teams bringing expertise and innovative solutions.    


Why should I trust that the newly merged company will serve me as well or better than before? 
Curi and Constellation are mission-driven organizations with long-standing commitments to excellence in serving all those who devote their lives to health care. We both have a reputation for disciplined underwriting, proactive risk mitigation resources and supportive claim management.  

Together, the combined company is continuing to serve physicians and healthcare professionals where they work through medical professional liability insurance, advisory, financial offerings, and a focus on furthering our value to our members.   

We are committed to our members so you can be confident you’ll continue to receive the personal attention you and your practice deserve. Our mutuality remains, as does our client centric approach to deliver the protection you need and personal attention you deserve.   


How does this impact my policy coverage, premium, benefits, claim processes, etc.?
We understand and appreciate that you may have many questions. With the transition close now effective, we are continuing our work on the full transition plan. We ask for your patience as this allows us to be thoughtful and measured about the right ways to meet and exceed your needs. We will continue to provide updates throughout the process.   

We will continue to underwrite business as usual. Further, to minimize disruption, our goal is to keep your primary contacts from Member Services, Underwriting, and Business Development consistent with existing business.  


Do we need to change the way we pay our premiums? 
There are no immediate changes to the payment systems or processes. For Curi policies, you may process your payments as you do today or visit https://curi.com/pay-premium/ for online and mail-in payment options. For Constellation policies, process your payments as you do today.   


Will there be any changes to your claims case handling philosophy?
No, Constellation and Curi have each independently earned a reputation for defending good medicine. Our philosophy will not change; however, together we will now have additional resources to better serve our clients and collective claim team.   


Will there be a change or impact on the claim process?
No, until further integration is completed, any client needing to report a claim will continue to report incidents or claims via their respective carriers’ process.  


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Curi members:
your member services representative 
Constellation members
: please contact your underwriter   


What is the new organizational structure of Curi, effective October 1, 2023? 

  • Jason Sandner continues in his role as CEO of Curi Holdings, Inc.  
  • Ryan Crawford, previous President and CEO of Constellation, is now CEO of Curi Insurance.  
  • Brad Diericx, previously CEO of Curi Insurance, takes on the new role of Chief Commercial Officer for Curi Holdings, Inc. 
  • Both Crawford and Diericx support the company’s insurance clients and business partners, reporting to Sandner.  
  • The directors serving on each company’s board at closing have come together in equal representation to govern the merged organization. Dr. Patricia Hoffmann, previous Board Chair for Constellation, is Board Chair for the merged organization. Dr. Scott Shapiro, previous Board Chair for Curi, is Vice Chair.


What is the combined company called?
The merged organization is now operating as Curi, a brand that encapsulates the joint vision and mission of our newly combined company. As of October 1, all Constellation assets have been rebranded with a transition logo: “Constellation Is Now Curi.”  


How will the merger affect Curi’s Member Savings Accounts and Dividend programs?
Curi’s Member Savings Accounts, known as The Legacy Fund program, will remain as they are today. Member Savings Accounts will remain with Curi as the surviving mutual insurance holding company following the merger. The balances of individual Member Savings Accounts and eligibility for future allocations will not be changed by the merger.   


Will there be any material impact on upcoming renewals due to the merger?
No. We will continue to underwrite business as usual. Further, to minimize disruption, our goal is to keep your primary contacts from underwriting and member services consistent.   


Will there be any changes to the embedded cyber and broad regulatory coverage?
No, the cyber and broad regulatory coverage embedded into your policy is dictated by the insurance paper. Should you have any specific policy questions, please contact your business development, underwriting or member services representative.