Curi Insurance / Well-Being Solutions

Culture-driven well-being strategies

From balance and burnout to emotional health, issues of well-being are front and center for today’s medical practices. And with our commitment to helping physicians and administrators in medicine, business, and life, Curi is here to support your journey.

Curi’s comprehensive well-being strategies can lead to better outcomes for practices by helping to drive a culture of wellness marked by more effective lifestyle choices and organizational strategies.


Supporting personal & organizational well-being.

Many other well-being providers offer cookie-cutter solutions that don’t take into account the unique features of each practice and their employees. But at Curi, we tailor each plan to the practice’s own culture, demographics, and strategic goals.

  • Consultation on well-being strategies to support your practice
  • Customizable action plans, strategies, policies, and marketing collateral in support of a comprehensive practice well-being plan
  • Incentive design linking benefits with employee health and productivity
  • Data integration and evaluation expertise identifying specific areas of focus