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A transformational year.

If the theme of 2020 for Curi Capital was dramatic growth, the theme for 2021 was transformation. Our financial advisory business unit established its independence in a new way, expanded our capabilities, and enhanced the breadth and expertise of our team.

The firm struck off on its own after two years in a joint venture with another wealth management organization, giving us operational freedom and allowing us to fully draw on the experience and expertise of Curi’s outstanding Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing functions. Going forward, we expect this independence to translate to even better service and results for our clients.

We also made a significant acquisition late in the year, bringing the investment advisory business of KDI Capital Partners into the fold. This move brought a top-notch team with valuable experience in portfolio management, equity research and selection, compliance, operations, and serving the needs of ultra-high-net-worth people.

Finally, the Curi Capital team expanded dramatically, growing from 13 to 20 people and adding new roles, areas of expertise, and geographical reach. In an industry that can too often feel commoditized, we understand that relationships and people are essential to delivering high-quality financial services. We were especially delighted to add a wealth advisor based in the Atlanta area to help serve our growing client base in Georgia.


Comprehensive wealth advisory services designed to help you take control of your financial life and build a lasting legacy.


A holistic approach to managing retirement plans for physicians and their staff.


Public and private investment solutions to help investors achieve proper diversification.

The Curi Capital team is built on the talents of dedicated individuals whose focus is on helping our clients build true wealth, however they define it. Our team includes people with the following professional designations:

Wealth Management

Personalized guidance for your financial journey.

Curi Capital’s full-balance-sheet approach to wealth management helps us guide our clients on their financial journey.

Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning:

We will continue to focus on identifying and adding valuable investment and financial planning resources to address the needs and goals of our members and clients.

Retirement Plan Solutions

Helping your team build toward a secure retirement.

Curi Capital’s Retirement Plan Solutions group offers support for businesses like your practice to build the best possible retirement plan for their teams. Our offerings include 401(k), 403(b), pension, and non-qualified plan consulting services.

Our Services for Retirement Plan Development


Individual Accounts

Assets Under Advisement
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