Curi Advisory

Data-driven and human-inspired business solutions.

We established our newest business unit, Curi Advisory, in the fall of 2021. Building off our acquisition of the healthcare data analytics and advisory company Arrowlytics in the spring, we built a wholly new business unit dedicated to helping medical practices maximize operational effectiveness and profitability. Curi Advisory is made up of two primary components.

Arrowlytics Platform

Our Arrowlytics solution pulls data from your practice into one platform, providing total practice insight and uncovering actionable opportunities for real-time optimization. Arrowlytics has two primary offerings, each of which is paired with consulting services to increase their value to your practice:

Online Reputation Management and Marketing

Helps you increase and optimize your practice’s digital presence by building, improving, and monitoring your online market presence and patient experience.

Growth & Optimization Key Performance Indicators

Using real-time data, allows you to monitor and respond to important trends affecting your bottom line—including patterns in patient access times, asset utilization, charges, revenue, and more.

Case Study: Increasing Practice Margin

A large specialty practice reached out to explore opportunities to increase revenue and compensation. With the Arrowlytics platform and guidance from the platform’s advisors, they started by addressing only a few of the more than 100 key performance indicators that the solution assesses. The practice:

  • Reduced MD no-show/cancelled appointments
  • Reduced PT no-show/cancelled appointments
  • Reduced MRI no-show/cancelled appointments
  • Increased clinical hall-space utilization and ultimately recruit new patients

* This Curi Advisory case study on practice-specific results is provided for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee similar results.

Consulting Services

We pair deep expertise in health policy, practice operations, and risk management with a data-driven approach to consulting to help you and your practice thrive. Our advisors help you find the right solutions for your business, based around three areas:

Health Policy

Our Health Policy team monitors and analyzes health care policy developments so that busy healthcare leaders don’t need to. We help practices both to identify large-scale evolving trends such as the transition to value-based care and to quickly identify how to work within the context of new laws such as the No Surprises Act.

Practice Management

With decades of direct experience in healthcare leadership and operations, our team of practice consultants helps groups identify and pursue opportunities to optimize and grow their businesses. From assessing and improving performance, to financial modeling, growth engagement projects, and everything in between, we are focused on supporting and fortifying practice leaders today and for the future.

Risk Solutions

Our Risk Solutions team offers practices tools, resources, and advisory services that address patient safety, clinical and business risk issues, HIPAA, cybersecurity, and other issues. With offerings such as our updated topic-specific Risk Assessment Modules, we help your practice stay protected so that you can focus on delivering patient care.

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