Q&A With the Head of Curi Insurance

Brad Diericx tells us about some of his formative experiences and how they help him lead Curi’s insurance portfolio.

Brad Diericx joined the company this April as Chief Operating Officer of Curi Insurance. In the new role, Brad will provide dedicated leadership for the core elements of our insurance business, including medical professional liability. We recently sat down with Brad to learn more about his background and how he’s looking to help Curi members.

Q. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I was born and raised in Illinois. I grew up in a small town near the Illinois/Iowa border. My mother was a high school English teacher who taught me to appreciate people’s unique stories, and my father was a football coach and driver’s education teacher who taught me about the value of self-discipline and hard work. I like to think that I embody parts of each of them. Growing up, I loved playing sports, especially football, which I played up through college. Football taught me a lot of lessons I still draw on today, especially about the connection between effort and results. My wife Yvette and I have three children—Cameron, who’s 19, Luke, who’s 17, and Shane, who’s 13. We’ve moved the family from the Chicago area to Raleigh this summer.

Q. What do you enjoy most about working at Curi?


No question—our people. We have a tremendous group of talented people that I’ve very much enjoyed working with already. People who care deeply for our physician members and the role that we play in helping them practice medicine. Our employees truly live out our mission of helping physicians in medicine, business, and life.

Q. Tell us about your career to date and how it has prepared you for your next role.


I’ve worked in insurance for 26 years, across a wide swath of the industry: reinsurance, property and casualty, life and health, accident, title, warranty, and more. I believe that that broad perspective helps me support Curi’s insurance business as it grows. My career has taught me that the insurance industry is an essential part of our world, where we commit to protecting those who put their trust in us.

Q. What do you see as the biggest priority or priorities in your role?


Now that Curi has fully become a multi-business holding company, it’s my job to help coordinate the different areas of Curi Insurance specifically while others in leadership drive the growth of the enterprise at large. I am focused on helping our insurance companies grow, and grow profitably, as we expand into other geographies while staying true to all the things that have made Curi Insurance what it is today.

Q. What makes you most excited about the future of Curi Insurance?


I’ve honestly never been as excited about a role as I have been with this new role at Curi. We have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us, and I’m thrilled to get to work with this talented, creative team to take advantage of it.

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