Curi Holdings


More than just a new name.

After doing business as Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina for more than 40 years, we officially introduced ourselves to the world as Curi in April of 2019.

This rebranding represented far more than a name change alone. Becoming Curi gave us the platform we needed to go beyond offering medical professional liability insurance and financial services. In 2019, that meant connecting practices to employee benefits and property and casualty insurance, our well-being offerings, and health policy and regulatory support—and we promise that this is only the start.

We’re as restless in support of you as you are in support of your patients. As the world continues to change around you, we’ll keep adapting as well, with new offerings and opportunities to help you and your practice thrive.


Investing for growth.

Our members entrust us with their premium dollars, and we take that trust seriously. We balance risk and reward in investing those funds, in support of our ultimate shared goal: helping your company grow and thrive.

Total Assets Under Control



Protection and innovation.

A strong capital position means we don’t have to compromise in the defense of good medicine, in the continual pursuit of operational excellence, or in the creation of innovative new products and services to strengthen our most valuable asset—our members.

Consolidated Net Income

Operating Cash Flows


Strong cash flows. Strong rewards.

Thanks to prudent underwriting and diligent investment management, 2019 was another positive year for cash flow. This helped us fund our growth and give our members a return on their investment in Curi via Legacy Fund and Policyholder Dividend awards.


Investing for our members.

Our investment strategy is based on diversifying our investments to mitigate risk, enhance returns, and meet the requirements of regulators. Our risk is spread across three categories:


Our most conservative portfolio, held in our insurance companies, forms the basis for our solid financial foundation.


We invest surplus funds, generally held outside of the insurance companies, more aggressively, with the goal of bringing higher returns to fund innovation.


We also reserve a percentage of our portfolio for investment in other operating companies, with the strategic objectives of both generating positive financial return, enhancing our capabilities for our members and improving our competitive advantage.

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