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Q&A With Curi Capital’s New CEO

Dimitri Eliopoulos tells us about his experience and his plans for the firm.

Curi Capital CEO Dimitri Eliopoulos joined the firm earlier this year, and in the short time that he has been at the helm, the business has thrived—in terms of new clients, assets under advisement, and talent. We sat down with Dimitri to learn more about his background and his vision for supporting Curi members with their personal and professional financial needs.

Q. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.


I was born and raised in Chicago, and before moving to Raleigh earlier this year, my family and I had lived there our entire lives. My wife and I are thrilled to have three amazing daughters ages 8, 5, and 2. My parents and in-laws were all born in Greece and moved to this country when they were young. They taught us what hard work, respect, and making family a priority look like. I played basketball growing up, and I have a huge passion for sports—especially all the Chicago sports teams.

Q. Tell us about the work you did before joining Curi Capital.


I learned the wealth management business from the bottom up, starting as an intern, then an associate, and now leading a business. Before Curi Capital, I led the wealth management group at RMB Capital, which was made up of 70 professionals in eight offices around the country that served more than 2,000 clients. While I was there, I began to transition my focus from the trade of wealth management to leadership—working with and leading people, mentoring, and coaching. I’ve learned that leadership is when you stop prioritizing yourself and you begin to think about others first. Much like the spirit and culture at Curi and Curi Capital, RMB’s main objective was serving people and building strong, substantive relationships.

Q. Why did you choose Curi Capital?


Curi Capital’s culture and vision are aligned with my beliefs: curiosity, stewardship, thinking big, and looking toward the future—all while being relentless in helping our clients and their practices. I was also very impressed with the people at Curi, both employees and board members. While Curi Capital was a new idea a few years ago, I can say confidently that we possess all the resources—people, technology, services, and solutions—needed to deliver great advice to our members throughout the country.

Q. What do you tell a physician or practice considering working with Curi Capital about how the firm can help them achieve their goals?


Our company was created for you as a Curi member, and you own it. At our core, we offer comprehensive wealth planning and investment advice for families and retirement plan solutions for businesses. We have a seasoned team, and many of our professionals have decades of experience and expertise—including six Certified Financial Planners™ and three others pursuing the designation. For businesses, we can help practices develop a better retirement plan that is more efficient, with a better investment offering, and lower fees in some cases. For individuals and families, we can simplify your financial lives by serving as the curator and facilitator of all your financial planning and investment needs, including tax planning, estate planning, charitable giving, and financial modeling.

Q. What have you and the team been able to accomplish since you joined the firm?


The number of clients and assets that we manage has grown nearly 50% since January 1. We continue to upgrade our technology to improve turnaround time and follow-up. We have added a second custodian, so our clients now have an option on where to hold their assets. Those relationships are providing us with more resources—such as lending solutions—to round out our platform. We’ve added two new associates and are looking to add more talent. And thanks to our efficiency and scale, we were able to implement an across-the-board fee reduction last spring. The fee for our advice now begins at .80% and scales down from there.

Q. Can you share some of your plans for Curi Capital?


Life is changing for physicians and practices, and we intend to change with them so we can help them address their future needs and goals. We serve approximately 150 clients now, and I would like to serve thousands in the next 5-10 years. As we learn more and more from our clients, we will aim to continue developing the expertise and skills to help physicians create better financial outcomes for themselves and their practices. We are constantly looking to add more analysts, advisors, and associates who believe in this mission to help engage and add value to more clients. I am confident that if we focus on our members and clients, we will stand out as a world-class investment firm.

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