Advanced Practice Provider Toolkit: Ohio

Introduction Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) such as Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) are professionals trained, certified, and licensed to perform such functions as history taking, physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment of commonly encountered medical problems. The Ohio Board of Nursing regulates the NP: https://nursing.ohio.gov/practice-resources/practice-aprn/ Ohio nurse practitioners require a written standard care arrangement (SCA) with a qualified collaborating physician. A copy of the SCA shall be retained on file by the nurse’s employer. Prior approval of the SCA by the board of nursing is not required, but the board may review it for compliance with this section. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-4723.431 A physician assistant’s practice in Ohio is licensed and regulated by the Ohio State Medical Board, the same as physicians. A supervision agreement with a physician is required for practice. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohi...
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