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Radiology Claims Case Study: Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer

Details on a radiologist’s failure to review abnormal film of lung due to incomplete paperwork.

Radiology Claims Case Study: Common Procedural Risks with Administering IV Contrast

Details on complications resulting from miscommunicated imaging orders, and how radiologists and technologists can avoid this type of communication breakdown

Dealing With Disruptive Patients and Building a Positive Practice Environment

As more practices report high rates of patient dissatisfaction, it’s important to both address immediate concerns and understand fundamental issues with the patient experience.

Understanding the differences and similarities between FMLA and ADAAA

Though the functions of FMLA and ADAAA legislation are unique, it’s important for practice leaders understand how they can intersect for employees under many circumstances.

Radiology Claims Case Study: Failure to Communicate Test Findings

Details on a radiologist’s failure to effectively communicate his interpretation of findings and guidance for how to avoid a similar outcome.

What Congress’ Potential “Surprise Billing” Legislation Could Mean for Physician Practices

Federal legislation may change how practices handle out-of-network billing.

Three Ways to Mitigate Liability Risks With In-House Medical Spas

Physicians and practice leaders need to understand how to mitigate common risks associated with medical spa services.

child getting vaccinated in doctor's office

Handling Immunization Refusal in the Anti-Vaccination Era

Physicians should use a combination of education and documentation to both encourage healthy immunization practices and protect themselves against claims.

EHR proposed rules business man woman phone laptop on desk

What You Need to Know About Proposed Federal EHR Rules

New rules may make it easier for patients and providers to access and share health information.

Female physician stethoscope child wellness

Shifting the Clinician Mindset Toward Emotional Well-Being

A renewed focus on physicians’ emotional health can enhance their personal lives as well as their ability to deliver quality medical care.

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