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Pharmacist helps woman with her perscription

Tips for Improving Health Literacy Among Patients

In honor of Health Literacy Month, what providers need to know about health literacy and its implications on patient care.

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Physician Burnout Linked to Practice Management

Findings underscore the need for partners that can simplify practice management.

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Legal Obligations for Opioid Prescribers

A new opioid control law in North Carolina brings a nearly immediate effect on physicians and health care providers.

Male doctor counseling mature patient in waiting room. Medical professional is listening to ill man while holding digital tablet in hospital. They are sitting on seat.

What Providers Need to Know About New Jersey’s Chaperone Policy

One of our New Jersey defense attorneys offers guidance for physicians and practices about that state’s law regulating sensitive provider/patient interactions.

Pharmacist helps woman with her perscription

$17.6 Million Verdict Drives Home Liabilities of Opioids

A jury found a physician liable for overprescribing opioids to a patient.

doctor works on a tablet

New Online Training Series From CDC Helps Providers Understand Opioid Prescribing

The modules offer support on applying the agency’s prescribing guidelines.

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Virginia Adopts New Regulations on Opioid and Buprenorphine Prescribing

The emergency regulations create specific requirements for physicians and other prescribers.

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Managing the Drug-Seeking Patient

Curi’s Tamara Johnson offers guidance on how providers can identify drug-seeking patients and what they can do to establish prescribing practices that help keep patients safe while minimizing the risk posed by drug-seekers.

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