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Physicians’ Financial Relationships Can Put Practices at Risk

Recent settlement reinforces the need for physicians to carefully scrutinize financial relationships with hospitals.

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7 Big Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Curi’s on-call human resources consultant explores how medical practices can benefit from employee wellness programs.

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Back to School: 6 Tips for Volunteering Sports Medicine Services

An overview of the steps physicians should take to reduce liability when providing volunteer sports medicine to local youth teams.

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Are Stimulants the Next Opioid Crisis?

An attorney from our outside counsel network discusses the growing threats associated with stimulant misuse and how prescribers can protect themselves against potential liability.

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Curi’s Senior Medical Care Analyst explores the steps physicians can take to limit their risk exposure from stepping in to help in emergency situations.

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CME Webinar: Managing Expense and Revenue

A consultant from our external counsel network discusses how practices can better manage cash flow.

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Back to School: 8 Ways to Limit Risk When Volunteering for Student Physicals

An overview of best practices for physicians to reduce liability risks when providing volunteer medical services to students

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CME Webinar: Mitigate Server and Systems Cyberattacks

An attorney from our external counsel network explores the ways practices can protect against the devastating effects of ransomware attacks.

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How to Protect Disabled Employees Within Your Practice

Curi’s on-call human resources consultant looks at how practices can stay compliant with the ADA.

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How Medicare Shared Savings Program Changes Could Affect You

The proposed rule would require all participating practices to accept down-side risk, among other changes.

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