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Director, Administrative Services

Curi is committed to helping physicians in medicine, business, and life. Founded in 1975, we were built on a promise: When doctors needed help, we would answer the call. Physicians’ needs have changed over the years, but our dedication to that promise has never wavered. From medical malpractice insurance to wealth management to well-being programs, we remain passionately curious about identifying ways to meet the ever-evolving needs of physicians and those who support them.

The Role

We’re looking for an organized individual to lead our Administrative Services department as Director, Administrative Services. In this role, you will direct and oversee various administrative functions, including office space and facilities, equipment and supplies, mail services, and reception. You will assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance of various corporate programs, including vendor management, business continuity, health and safety, and corporate risk and insurance. You will supervise administrative staff who have a diverse range of responsibilities. In addition, you will have direct contact with associates, management, and third-party vendors.


  • Evaluate the efficient use of office space; plan office layout with respective managers; coordinate office space needs and leases with landlords.
  • Direct and oversee the maintenance of HVAC, lighting, security, and other systems in the company’s office space; coordinate with landlords and vendors on maintenance of facilities.
  • Direct and oversee the purchase of office supplies and equipment; negotiate and manage vendor contracts for maintenance of office equipment.
  • Direct and oversee the provision of mail services, including equipment, supplies, and vendors.
  • Direct and oversee the company’s receptionist(s) and visitor systems.
  • Direct and oversee the Vendor Management and Contracting Program; coordinate with other members of the Vendor Management and Contracting Program team.
  • Direct and oversee the Business Continuity Program; coordinate with other members of the Business Continuity Program team.
  • Direct and oversee the Health and Safety Program; coordinate with other members of the Health and Safety Program team.
  • Direct and oversee the Risk and Insurance Program; coordinate with other members of the Risk and Insurance Program.


  • Excellent customer-service, communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills
  • Familiarity with office equipment and systems
  • Experience with vendor negotiations and relationships
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite


  •  Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of five years of related experience required