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Pennsylvania Civil Immunity Executive Order

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf yesterday entered an executive order purporting to “provide civil immunity for healthcare providers” during the COVID-19 declared state of emergency. The extent of the order’s true, legal scope of immunity protections for physicians and medical practices is being debated. While the order may be one encouraging step in the right direction, stakeholders in the Pennsylvania medical community are expressing disappointment in it stopping short of more meaningful protection. For example, the order appears to offer some immunity for individual providers who are treating COVID-19 patients in certain facility/site settings, but it does not appear to apply to private practice/outpatient settings or to any “non-COVID-19 medical and health treatment or services to individuals.” Curi will be tracking this issue with our partners in Pennsylvania, and we will report any additional details we are able to learn. Click here to view the order (see pp. 9-10).