COVID-19 Latest Updates and Resources

Medical Societies Help Practices Identify New Sources of Personal Protective Equipment

The Medical Society of Northern Virginia has announced a partnership with Vulcan PPE to help its physician practices acquire necessary personal protective equipment. MSNVA member (and non-member) practices can contact Vulcan PPE for updated pricing information and inventory by using the MSNVA website. MSNVA’s efforts parallel similar efforts by medical societies in other states, such as the group purchasing efforts implemented by the North Carolina Medical Society (available to member and non-member practices) and the Pennsylvania Medical Society (members-only) in collaboration with ActionPPE. Similarly, the Medical Society of Virginia has worked with state authorities to help health care providers receive priority for PPE purchased through Amazon Business, and physician practices in other states also can purchase supplies through Amazon Business. Practices having difficulties securing necessary PPE may want to explore these options if they have not done so already. (Curi is not involved in any of these efforts, but we are highlighting these programs to make sure our members are aware of options that may be available to them.)