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Final Day to Submit Financial Data for Provider Relief Fund Payments

Today, June 3, is the last day that providers can submit financial data to be eligible for additional payments from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund $50 billion general distribution. Practices that have not submitted their information should do so before the end of the day by going to the General Distribution Portal. HHS added important information to its website this week explaining how providers can apply for additional General Distribution funding if they are not yet ready to attest to the terms and conditions for the initial Provider Relief Fund distributions they have received. Practices seeking to follow this option must reject the initial payment, initiate the return of the payment, and submit the requested revenue documents necessary for HHS to calculate the practice’s total final payment through the General Distribution Portal. Rejection of an initial payment will not preclude a provider from receiving their total general distribution amount (which is equal to approximately 2% of revenues). However, practices will need to wait an unspecified length of time before receiving their final payment if they choose this option.