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What are your recommendations on temporarily opening a daycare at our practice?

While we understand the dilemma healthcare workers are facing, we would not recommend setting up a daycare center in a healthcare facility, especially at this time. Healthcare facilities are hot spots and not advisable for placing children in an area of potentially positive COVID-19 patients.

The CDC has requested some daycares remain open to increase the availability of essential healthcare workers. Some states are beginning to put out statements requesting some daycare centers stay open and waiving regulations pertaining to daycares. Check with your local states to see what recommendations they have listed.

Some suggested solutions if your daycare is not open include:

  • Have extended families and/or neighbors pool their resources to help care for children when essential employees are needed at work.
  • Stagger employee work schedules; employees who are not working could assist with caring for other employee children.
All Curi recommendations are based on current CDC criteria at the time of publication. CDC guidance for SARS-CoV-2 infection may, or may not, be adopted by state and local health departments to respond to rapidly changing local circumstances. Providers should always check with their local health department to see if the CDC’s guidance on any given topic has been modified (particularly if more restrictive) from the CDC’s recommended guidelines. Follow this link for contact information to your state/local health department. If local recommendations vary from those of the CDC, and you are unsure what recommendations to follow, then it is safer to follow the more restrictive guidelines/recommendations.