COVID-19 Latest Updates and Resources

We do not have enough N-95 masks. What do we do?

N-95 mask are not recommended unless you are going to have prolonged exposure and/or are performing procedures that promotes aerosolization of sputum. The first step is to control patient flow (see Curi’s Patient Workflow Process Chart):

  • Create barriers between potentially infected patients and non-infected patients
  • Place a mask on the patient, and place in a room with the door shut—removing them from the normal flow of traffic
  • Screen patients—performing drive-through visits (scheduling infectious patients at different times from non-infectious patients) and telehealth visits

Any staff entering the room of a potentially infectious patient should wear appropriate PPE, including gown, gloves, and minimum of surgical mask upgrading to a N-95 mask as available. Follow CDC guidelines for outpatient and ambulatory care settings and preserving healthcare supplies. Implement CDC strategies to optimize the supply of PPE and equipment.