01 / Why Curi

Be Curious

We were founded on a promise: When doctors needed help we would answer the call.

Curi is more than a company. We are a community. A mutuality filled with forerunners. Doers who dream and think different. Focused on creating a better future for you, your practice and your family.

We’re here to care for the caregivers. We know physicians are under extraordinary pressure. Pressure that doesn’t have to be there. Many are underserved and unhappy. And that’s completely unacceptable.

At Curi, we dedicate our professional lives to staying curious to help all doctors in medicine, business, and life. We’re not just the first to do so. We’re the best. We didn’t follow the industry. We created it.

As a mutual, we are made up of the doctors we serve. Doctors helping doctors. As a member of Curi, you’ll be in an exclusive and diverse group who strive to prescribe a healthier life for you every day. Welcome to the club.

Extensive series at a Pediatrician's office. Both Caucasian and African-American doctors, and a Hispanic female nurse.


“I think it’s almost impossible to be a good physician if you’re not curious.”

Thomas H. McCoy, MD,
Former Chairman, Medical Mutual Board of Directors

We’re here to serve you. Always.

We’re focused on expanding our products and services to help physicians in all aspects of medicine, business, and life—from insurance to business services to financial investments and emotional and physical wellness.

By staying curious about your needs, we’re able to enter into new markets to meet your needs—now and well into the future.