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8 Ways to Protect Prescribers from Opioid Litigation

An attorney from our outside counsel network discusses the implications of the federal spotlight on opioid prescribing practices and how physicians can protect themselves.

Preventing Physician Liability for Opioid Prescribing in the Wake of Potentially Damaging New Legal Precedent

Recent opioid-related lawsuits have developed to include unnamed physicians, leaving doctors across the nation vulnerable to major liability.

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How the SUPPORT Act Combats the Opioid Crisis

Bill has implications for physicians and medical practices.

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How Physicians Can Fight Against Opiod Abuse

Risk Consultant Janet McCrossen recounts her personal observations of opioid abuse and shares tips to help physicians protect their patients.

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$17.6 Million Verdict Drives Home Liabilities of Opioids

A jury found a physician liable for overprescribing opioids to a patient.

Pharmacist helps woman with her perscription

Are Stimulants the Next Opioid Crisis?

An attorney from our outside counsel network discusses the growing threats associated with stimulant misuse and how prescribers can protect themselves against potential liability.

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Information-Sharing and the Opioid Crisis

The release points to situations where patient information may be shared with family or close friends.

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Georgia Establishes New Rules for Opioid Prescribers

The changes include new CME and reporting requirements.

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Virginia Adopts New Regulations on Opioid and Buprenorphine Prescribing

The emergency regulations create specific requirements for physicians and other prescribers.

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Legal Obligations for Opioid Prescribers

A new opioid control law in North Carolina brings a nearly immediate effect on physicians and health care providers.

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